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A cabin crew job will not just give you opportunities to travel but also career development and great benefits. Recruitment is at an all- time high, but competition for every job is FIERCE. Intense scrutiny on the industry means airlines now have to be fussier than ever when making their selection decisions.

The best way to show your commitment to becoming cabin crew is to take the initiative and develop your professional skills and knowledge before you’ve even been offered the job! It will impress your interviewers, and what you will learn on this specialist course will do the rest.

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This excellent alternative training will put you through your paces using case studies, quizzes, real-life stories, fact sheets, interviews, exercises, examples, checklists and videos to keep you interested, motivated and constantly learning!

Take each of the 8 crucial modules at your own pace, using the fun quizzes and summaries to check your knowledge as you go. We’ll provide opportunities for you to gain feedback on your progress throughout the course and can review your CV, application form or interview answers if you need us to.

  • You’ll be able to access on-going support with your airline applications from our friendly and knowledgeable team.
  • You will gain a certificate at the completion of the training programme to take with you to your interview.


Our on-line course will give you the skills to:

  • Apply to any airline across the world
  • Show recruiters that you are an ideal candidate for the job
  • Impress the interview panel with little-known but essential industry knowledge
  • Pass the difficult numerical and verbal reasoning tests
  • Handle role-plays, presentations and group discussions with ease
  • Confidently tackle challenging cabin crew scenarios
  • Understand what a REAL day in the life of cabin crew looks like
  • Present yourself in the same way as the very best cabin crew from the top airlines
  • Show your in-depth understanding of safety procedures
  • Deal effectively with both planned and unplanned emergencies
  • Stand-out from your competitors

Course Content

Lessons Status

01 - Course Introduction (15 mins)


02 - The Industry and the Airlines (60 mins)


03 - The Cabin Crew role (60 mins)


04 - How to be a stand-out candidate (60 mins)


05 - Creating the perfect Cabin Crew CV (120 mins)


06 - The Assessment Day (180 mins)


07 - The Interview (120 mins)


08 - Online Course Certificate (30 mins)


09 - Your next steps... (30 mins)

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Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Carla Alexandra Fernandes

Really good course, covers all essentials to be able to apply for the best airline jobs/ careers.

 by Ray Lynham

The online course is definitely worth doing. It gives you a complete and rounded insight into the role of cabin crew. It helps so much with your assessment day! I believe this course helped me get my dream job with British Airways Mixed Fleet!!

 by sanah

This online course has been fab! Definitely worth doing this course, outlines every aspects of cabin crew roles/duties/responsibilities and the environment of the airline. Definitely has increased my knowledge and better understanding!

Thank you!

 by Jonathan Mensah

I just want to say big thank you to your team, who made the online Course a dream come true career for as a PAN AFRICAN. I truly learnt a lot out there and I'm well equipped the role as Cabin Crew.

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