Once your CV is accepted, do you know what to do next?

There is still more to learn before you land your Cabin Crew job

How to pass the Cabin Crew Selection Day

All the techniques and know-how you need to be 100% ready when your invite to interview arrives

You’ve worked hard to get your CV in perfect shape. You send it in, and you are ecstatic when you receive this amazing reply ‘yes, we’d like to meet you at our assessment and interview event!’

But the excitement will fade. Then you will be left with the sinking feeling that you haven’t done enough to prepare in the time you have got left.

It happens to almost all candidates, because who has the time to prepare for something they don’t even know will happen yet? Which is why most people fail their assessment day.


But don’t worry, we have the perfect answer.


What most people don’t realise when they first start out is that once they have been bitten by the cabin crew bug, they won’t give up! They will keep trying and trying. So preparing for the next assessment stages now makes perfect sense, because whether you get it this time or the next, you WILL have to do one, and you WILL need to have done your homework if you want to succeed.

You can save months of wasted time and all the heartache of applying and failing by taking the next easy and logical step- the ‘Get a Cabin Crew Job’ complete e-learning course.

Imagine walking out of your assessment on an absolute high, and hearing the joy of your family when you tell them that you’ve been accepted for a cabin crew job! Imagine trying on your crisp new uniform, and the excitement of walking through the airport for the first time to travel to somewhere you have never been before.

I applied for Qantas International in May and was successful. Out of 10,000 applicants they picked 400 people. I believe your online course truly helped me get the job as unlike other applicants I had never flown before.

I love my job, so far flown to Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Bangkok. I really knew how to sell myself after the course and learnt a lot about the airline industry. I couldn’t have done it without you…Thank you so much!
Amber, Australia

We currently have over 400 people just like you using this online course to prepare them for the most important day of their career.


80% of our students who apply for a Cabin Crew job get it. That’s an impressive success rate of 4 out of 5 people!

Our expert team of cabin crew, trainers and work psychologists have designed a unique training course to get you 100% ready for whatever your assessment day and interview has in store for you. All you have to do is work through the useful exercises, handy checklists and behind-the-scenes guidance to make sure you are perfectly suited for the cabin crew role- AND know how to prove it when it counts the most.

  • Learn what to expect from your assessment/ selection day and how to stand out from the crowd (in a good way!)
  • Be on the right side of the ‘cutting’ sessions (where half the group is told to go home while the others go on to the next stage) by effortlessly proving your potential in every task you do
  • Avoid all the rookie mistakes which make it so easy for the recruiters to fail you, by knowing exactly what to do and how to do it right for each activity you are given (no matter how daunting they may be)

“This online course has been fab! Definitely worth doing this course, outlines every aspects of cabin crew roles/ duties/ responsibilities and the environment of the airline.

Definitely has increased my knowledge and better understanding!
Sanah, UK

The rest of this course covers:

  • The Industry and the Airlines

    Prove to your recruiters that you have the in-depth understanding of the industry, brands and corporate identity which will give you the edge over your competition

  • The Cabin Crew role

    Essential information on cabin crew priorities, roles and responsibilities, plus critical information on safety & emergency procedures and difficult on-board scenarios. A must-have module to show you’ve done your homework into the role.

  • How to be a stand-out candidate

     Includes tricks to make sure you are noticed and careful guidance on making sure your behaviour is a perfect match for the airline you want to work for

  • The Assessment Day

    Warning – do not miss this module! You won’t have much time to prepare when you get invited to an assessment day so you need to get ahead now. Don’t be caught out, learn all the behind-the-scenes strategies to give you a boost on the biggest day of your career.

  • The Interview

    A fantastic module, includes practice questions and step by step help to create star-studded answers to every question

  • PLUS – Online Course Certificate

    when you pass the final test.

By upgrading to all the modules of our online cabin crew course you will gain the skills to:

  • Apply to any airline across the world
  • Show recruiters that you are an ideal candidate for the job
  • Impress the interview panel with little-known but essential industry knowledge
  • Pass the difficult numerical and verbal reasoning tests
  • Handle role-plays, presentations and group discussions with ease
  • Confidently tackle challenging cabin crew scenarios
  • Interview questions and how to answer them
    • Understand what a REAL day in the life of cabin crew looks like
    • Present yourself in the same way as the very best cabin crew from the top airlines
    • Show your in-depth understanding of safety procedures
    • Deal effectively with both planned and unplanned emergencies
    • Stand-out from your competitors
    • How to prove your passion, commitment and motivation for the role


    You’ll gain exclusive access to our Cabin Crew Wings Trainees Facebook Group. Here you can ask our team of Cabin Crew experts any questions you have about the role, the selection process and much more! You’ll also have a chance to get to know other cabin crew hopefuls and newly qualified crew who you may find yourself flying with one day!

    Imagine where you could be flying to on your first flight as Cabin Crew!

    Upgrade in the next 48 hours to get your new Cabin Crew Career underway


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    P.S This e-learning course will be the difference between you flying within months, or still being where you are now in a year from now. Try the rest of these modules and see for yourself how much more confident, prepared and knowledgeable you will be, or your money back!

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