CV- what’s the best format?

  • There isn’t one right way of presenting a CV.
  • Make sure you include clear headings and spaced out content
  • Put brief personal details at the top (name, location, email, phone number)
  • Detail work experience next (this is what most recruiters are interested in)
  • Education next- you can summarise this e.g. 6 GCSEs grades B-D
  • Emphasise language skills – don’t bury it where it’s hard to find
  • Put more detail into the jobs which are relevant to the role of cabin crew e.g. anything related to customer service or safety. use less space detailing jobs without any obvious cross over with the cabin crew role
  • If you include a personal statements try not to be too general, include some proof
  • Put brief details of interest at the end, including specifics on how these relate to any achievements e.g. charity runs, fitness etc.
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