• Space your CV out, cut out irrelevant detail, avoid repetition
  • Structure – employment history and most relevant details on the 1st page
  • Build personal examples into your CV to demonstrate your competencies
  • Choose your BEST evidence- not just any evidence!
  • Pick examples which match airline values i.e. what they are looking for in their new recruits!
  • Keep it personal, not generic e.g. don’t just say what a waitress does but what YOU did to do the job especially well
  • Use the Cabin Crew Assessment Day eBook when you write your CV


Application Form

  • Avoid unsupported statements e.g. ‘I’m calm under pressure’. You will only stand out if you back up some of your general statements
  • Answer the question – write it out and underline the key words. for example, if the question asks ‘describe what strengths and personal qualities make you stand out as an exceptional employee’ you would need to note on some scrap paper ‘strengths, personal qualities, stand out, exceptional employee’. Make sure you address all of these points in your answer.
  • Describe how you went above and beyond what you would normally be expected to do in the role
  • Explain HOW you did things e.g. ‘I worked well in a team BY…’
  • Use your own experiences to your advantage- sell yourself!
  • Identify your best examples in advance, don’t just use the first thing that comes to mind.
  • Use recent examples i.e. from the last 2 or 3 years so it doesn’t seem like you haven’t done anything useful recently!
  • If you don’t have impressive examples- go out and get some!


Practice Question

Take 15 minutes to write an answer to this question:

Please describe a time when you have taken a proactive approach to solving a problem

Please note, your answer will not be saved after you leave this page.

When you have written it, click here

– Is yours an interesting example?
– Does your contribution make you stand out as an individual?
– Have you described exactly what you did that was good?
– Are the results clear?
– What does this example say about you?
– Might anyone else have a similar example? (If so, what can you do about that?)


What we’ve learnt

In this lesson we started to look at the process of applying for a cabin crew job. We examined application forms and CVs and how to write stand-out evidence to support your application. In this lesson we will look in depth at what happens after your application is accepted and you are invited to attend an assessment day.

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