Is your work experience relevant to being Cabin Crew?

Many applicants worry that their work history isn’t relevant enough to get them a cabin crew job. You would be surprised though how much you can do to draw comparison between different jobs and the skill set required by cabin crew.

In most jobs you can find some elements which are similar to the sort of skills you would need as cabin crew. In your application you need to make sure you emphasise where you have used relevant skills in the past, and how good you were at them! Challenge yourself to do this, looking at your work experience and linking tasks you have done in the past to those you would need to be as cabin crew.

Remember, you need to emphasise this to a recruiter as they may not make the links themselves without your help. Writing ‘bar worker’ isn’t as compelling as listing what you had to do specifically. Once you have done that, you also need to be clear how you personally approached the tasks to make you the best you could be.

Have a go at the quiz below.

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