How to write ‘evidence’ statements

We’ve introduced the concept of providing evidence to back up the experiences and qualities you write about in your application. Here are some examples of how to phrase this sort of evidence.


Weak statement

I am conscientious
Stronger evidence

I am conscientious. I proved this when a late order came into the warehouse which needed to go out the same day. I stayed late and processed the order in full to ensure it reached the customer before the weekend.

I am a team player

I am a team player, I never leave while my colleagues still have work unfinished and when my own tasks are complete I help them with theirs so they are not left behind.

I can work independently

I can work independently. My boss was recently away from the office for three weeks and I made sure all important messages were passed to her immediately. I took responsibility for all other tasks, delegating some to colleagues and handling the rest myself.

I am good at solving problems

I am good at solving problems. I recently sourced a new supplier when I learnt the previous one was unable to complete an order so the client was unaffected by the change.

I am a people person

I am a people person. I am friendly and outgoing with all customers and make sure their expectations are met by suggesting they let me know if there is anything at all I can help them with.

I am organised and methodical

I am organised and methodical. I work through my tasks in sequence and ensure all records are kept up to date and are correctly filed at the end of each shift.


Application Tips!
Read the question
It’s easy to mis-read the question and not answer it properly. Underline the key parts. For example ‘describe your strengths, weaknesses and how you have developed yourself’. Here you need to cover all 3 parts, strengths, weaknesses, and your own development.

Be exceptional
It’s not good enough to explain what you did in your job which is what you would have been expected to do as part of your duties. To be exceptional you need to show you have done exceptional things, i.e. above and beyond what an employer might expect.

Describe a specific experience
Identify a single experience. Don’t refer to your experience in general e.g. ‘I always try to work closely with my colleagues because it is important to support each other’. Identify a single occasion which you can talk about it depth e.g. ‘there was a time when I recognised that a colleague was having trouble dealing with a difficult customer..’ Make sure the example has enough depth to be impressive.


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