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Being cabin crew can be fun, tiring, glamorous, stressful, inspiring, challenging and life-changing!

Meet a few of our course graduates, and see what they have to say:

Anne-Flore – EasyJet

So far I love being Cabin Crew for Easyjet as it is my dream job and I love meeting new people every day. I strongly recommend “Cabin Crew Wings’s online course” for anyone who wants to be a Flight Attendant as it is worth it. I had so much helped regarding the role of cabin crew and what to expect during an Assessment day. And even few months after I am very pleased to hear from the team at Cabin Crew WIngs. Thank you very much for your time, emails and answering all my questions. I would like to say a huge thank you again to helped me get my dream job.

Pippa – British Airways

I thought the course do Cabin Crew Wings was a really good experience which properly set me up and helps a lot in the interview stages because it makes you more aware of what the job is about!!

A few weeks after the course I had the interview, because of the course I felt so prepared in what I had to wear/revise as it’s a really full on intense interview, but I succeeded and got the job!

The job is amazing I have flown all over the world in matter of months you make good friends with the crews, and see some absolutely amazing things! Definitely is a dream job! However while you still are adjusting to the lifestyle it is hard like really hard, you just have to be determined and keep going because it is so worth it when you’re playing with baby lions in SA, or having a bunch of free drinks in a huge party in Vegas! Good Luck!

Paulina – BA CityFlyer

Oh CityFlyer is so amazing! Everyday I get on board, I have to pause halfway through the cabin because I still can’t believe it! I’ve only been there since March but it feels like I’ve been there so many years, seeing all the flight crew and cabin crew that I bonded with so much that we can’t go without saying hi, having a cuddle and a good old little laugh.

Cabin Crew Wings is a fantastic course for anyone who wants to become a cabin crew or just experience the hard and intense training cabin crew have to go through. When attending this course you’ll get your hands on everything from doing the safety demo to evacuating the aircraft and even putting out the fire. Cabin Crew Wings gives you so much advice and tips on how to make your CV stand out as well as going over some interview questions. Even after the course, Cabin Crew Wings has helped and supported me all the way until I landed my dream job within few months. I highly recommend this course to anyone, with this course you’re one step closer to achieving your dream like I did.

Jade – British Airways

For many years, Cabin Crew had been a dream job of mine. After applying once and being unsuccessful I realised how hard it was to actually get in. After a little research I come across Cabin Crew Wings and I signed myself up for the next available date. During day one, we had a lot of fun using the plane simulators and using the evacuation slides, but it was day two that was the most helpful for me. The trainers gave us interview preparations, taught me how to write a CV for the job and gave me the confidence I lacked. I was able to walk into my assessment day with the belief that I could do it! The support after the course has also been a huge help. I owe my success to Cabin Crew Wings. I wouldn’t be where I am, living my dream if it wasn’t for their course and continued support.

Sophie – British Airways

I have just been in Orlando and due to some changes in my roster I actually ended up in Bermuda for my first flight! It was absolutely amazing, I’ve never seen such beautiful pink beaches and such a luxury hotel. I had a lovely crew for my first flight who took me to see the tropical fish and pink beach, along with some time at the pool before flying home, I will certainly be bidding for that trip again! I have since then just done the Orlando trip. Orlando and Barbados coming up soon. I am loving it so far, very challenging and lots to learn still but I can’t wait.

I decided to take part in the Cabin Crew Wings course last year in hope to pursue my dream as BA cabin crew. I had no previous flying experience and wanted to ensure that I had all the skills I needed before applying. The course completely exceeded my expectations, it was a brilliant insight to the role of cabin crew and gave me the confidence to be successful at the intense interview day. The course gave me the skills and knowledge that I needed and I have now completed my first few weeks flying as cabin crew, which is everything I hoped it would be and more, I have already seen some amazing destinations and met such lovely people, all thanks to Cabin Crew Wings helping me to achieve my dream job.

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